COVID-19: Rwanda's preparedness and response

September 2020 Events

Intra - Africa Trade Fair
Africa is talking business. Be part of it. Kigali, Rwanda / 1 to 7 September 2020 Why attend...
 1st - 7th Sept 2020
 Intare Arena
Kwita Izina
Naming a newly born baby has been part of Rwandan culture and tradition for centuries. Given...
 4th Sept 2020
Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF)
The AGRF is considered the world’s most important and impactful forum for African agriculture,...
 7th -11th Sept 2020
Water Africa & East Africa Building and...
"Building Rwanda’s Infrastructure Together" Water Africa and East Africa Building &...
 16th -18th Sept 2020
 Serena Hotel
Commonwealth Pharmacists Association Meeting...
 Sept TBC
African Association Summit
Globally, professional societies, trade associations, federations, and other nonprofit groups...
 23rd -25th Sept 2020
 29th- 1st Oct 2020
15th Young Diplomats Forum
Young Diplomats Forum is an intensive week-long program of practical sessions, workshops,...
 TBC Sept