COVID-19: Rwanda's preparedness and response

Covid-19 Guidelines


The checklist aims to set out methods of assessment for the needs of the MICE industry, determine the ability of existing systems to meet these necessary safety requirements, modify, and strengthen the existing systems that fall in line with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

The checklist is intended to be used by Professional Conference Organizers, Venue, and Hotel Management as well as other players in the MICE industry. They must be applied to events of any size and nature during events preparations. The guidelines will continue to be updated to include the latest Ministry of Health measures. The implementation of these guidelines will be jointly supported and monitored by the Rwanda Development Board Tourism Department and the Rwanda Convention Bureau.

Event Safety

  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners must ensure that 70% room/space capacity is respected for gatherings at any event premises in line with maintaining social distancing regulations.
  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners should ensure that seats are placed at least 1.5m and tables 2m away from each other to enhance the protection of individuals.
  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners must limit the exposure by limiting the number of staff working at a particular event.
  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners to ensure that COVID-19 new measures and guidelines are discussed with the event owners/planners ahead of time and incorporated in the checklist and preparation.
  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners to ensure the sufficient supply of materials for each delegate: Laptops, Pens, Notebooks, Program Brochures etc. must not be shared between delegates.
  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners must ensure that speakers sanitize their hands before and after each use of a shared microphone or any other audiovisual materials.
  • In-person registration on the day of the event will be limited to 10% of the total number of delegates for in-person (Physical) events. PCOs are encouraged to set up time slots for delegates to pick up badges and materials prior to the event. At the registration desk, the team must wear gloves and masks when receiving guests and ensure hand sanitizers are available at each desk.
  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners must observe 1-meter distancing between guests queuing at each desk and also ensure that signages are displayed in order to direct guests where to stand.

  • Catering service providers must follow Hospitality Guidelines provided by Rwanda Development Board.
  • Sports events must follow guidelines provided by the Ministry of Sports.

Protection and Detection

  • At each entrance of the venue, assigned staff or ushers must carry out the COVID-19 screenings for all delegates and organizers.
  • Face masks requirements should be given and communicated by the organizing team at each venue entrance as well as for instructions and training in proper use. The use of masks is mandatory for all delegates and organizers at all times.

    Delegates and organizers who are not wearing masks must not be admitted into the event premises. Therefore, at each entrance, allocated staff should educate all attendees on how best to put on, use, take off, and dispose of a mask, using guidelines of the World Health Organization.

    The teams who carry out temperature screening may need N-95 or equivalent face shields.

  • If there is a suspected case at an event, please contact the Rwanda Biomedical Center COVID-19 Hotline by calling 114.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Handwashing with soap or using hand sanitizers is mandatory. All event venues must have in place all necessary equipment at the entrance for delegates to wash their hands before accessing the venue. Hand Sanitiser should also be available for each Meeting Room being used.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces within conference facilities is also an important precaution to lower the risk of infection. High-touch surfaces include door handles, tables, chairs, taps, washrooms, etc. Venues must ensure these areas are disinfected regularly.
  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners must incorporate a hygiene plan that meets the sanitization requirements in their event preparations.


  • PCOs to organize staff induction on the safety measures as per WHO guidelines. Staff includes the coordinating team, technicians, ushers, the accreditation team, production crew, etc.
  • PCOs and Venues must provide awareness signage at all entrance and contact points.
  • PCOs and Event Venue Owners must communicate these guidelines and procedures for events and other related regulations to all delegates prior to events and at the venue by an efficient form of communications (email, announcements, screen ads, signage, pamphlets, etc.)
  • These guidelines must be incorporated in each event checklist by RCB staff and PCOs, whereas the financial implications must be incorporated in the event budget. Some requirements like standard temperature checks and sanitation are covered by event facilities while additional health measures will be the responsibility of the event owner/organizer.

Passengers traveling to Rwanda

  • With the new guidelines, #Passengers traveling to #Rwanda are no longer required to show proof of pre-departure COVID-19 test.

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