COVID-19: Rwanda's preparedness and response

145th Inter Parliament Union (IPU) GA

At the invitation of the Parliament of the Republic of Rwanda, the 145th Assembly of the IPU and its related meetings will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from Tuesday, 11 to Saturday, 15 October 2022.

All IPU statutory bodies, including the Governing Council, Standing Committees, Committees on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians and on Middle East Questions, as well as the Forum of Women Parliamentarians and the Forum of Young MPs, will convene during this Assembly.
The General Debate will focus on the overall theme of Gender equality and gender-sensitive parliaments as drivers of change for a more resilient and peaceful world -and provide a platform for delegates to deliberate, exchange views and galvanize parliamentary action in this area.

The Assembly will adopt resolutions on the emergency item and on the subject item taken up by the Standing Committee on Democracy and Human Rights entitled Parliamentary impetus to local and regional development of countries with high levels of international migration and to stopping all forms, including state-sponsored, of human-trafficking and human rights abuses. The Governing Council will examine and adopt a number of decisions, including on cases of violation of the human rights of parliamentarians. The Assembly is expected to conclude with the adoption of an outcome document on the overall theme of the General Debate.

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10th - 15th October