The “Journées Francophone d’Allergologie” (JFA) is an annual conference gathering allergists and other physicians of Francophone countries from Europe, Africa, and Madagascar.

The Federation ANAFORCAL Internationale is made up of all national ANAFORCALs and currently brings together 25 French- speaking national associations including Rwanda (ANAFORCAL Rwanda). The later has joined the FAI to be an active member since 2016 and is one of 25 of its board of directors
The Purpose of this association (FAI) is to promote, develop and coordinate the activities of allergology training and Initial and Continuing Medical Training in the French-speaking European and African countries and Madagascar; and thus to contribute, through its action, to improving the quality of care provided to the population and to professional promotion of doctors in the field of allergy diseases.

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19th - 20th Oct


Kigali Marriott Hotel