2024 Kigali Triennial

This first edition of the Kigali Triennial will bring together artists who share the same field of research and observation, in a way the same bay/Inganzo. The program is largely pan-African with artists from across the continent. Particular attention is paid to emerging artists and creators who, through their research in theater, dance, visual arts, music, cinema, literature, design, digital arts, fashion, design and culinary arts, show an African, but also a feminine and generational perspective. The program also welcomes several artists from four European countries (Belgium, France, Italy and the UK), as well as two from the Middle East (Syria and Lebanon).

The first objective of the Kigali Triennial is to highlight the Rwandan cultural scene, animated by several generations of inspired artists in all fields.

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16th - 25th Feb


Kigali Conference & Exhibition Village