The event is expected to attract 500+ delegates from microfinance institutions, technology experts, policy makers, regulators as well as different stakeholders in the microfinance sector to discuss on the continued discussion about digitization of microfinance to enhance customer experience.

  • foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among microfinance institutions (MFIs), financial technology (FinTech) companies, policymakers, regulators, and other stakeholders.
  • To showcase innovative technology solutions and case studies that have the potential to transform microfinance operations and impact.
  • To address the challenges and opportunities in integrating technology into microfinance while ensuring customer protection and data security.
  • promote cross-sector partnerships and encourage investment in technology-driven microfinance initiatives.

Bringing together delegates from across the entire microfinance sector in Africa to match with technology side, the greater discussion on how they can potentially collaborate to walk the digital journey.

This annual meeting place for the Microfinance and technology, Microfinance Technology Summit will bring together the most senior representatives from microfinance institutions, Banks, regulators, policy makers and technology companies. Whether you are an established microfinance institution or financial technology provider, Microfinance Technology Summit is the only platform where you will know exactly what the sector is expecting and challenges for you to design the right solution for tomorrow.

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23rd - 24th May


Kigali Convention Centre