2nd Regional quality conference

The Africa Organization for Standardization ARSO in partnership with the Kenya Bureau of Standard (KEBS) are organizing a Regional Quality Conference to promote the practical implementation of standards within the Regional Block whose theme is "Managing Quality in a Dynamic Work Environment for Competitive Advantage,", and they want to have their event in Kigali. The participants will have an opportunity to share experiences of how implementation of quality management systems helps organization gain a competitive advantage.

The ARSO (Africa Organization for Standardization) was formed in 1977 with the principal mandate to harmonize African Standards, Conformity Assessment & Procedures in order to reduce Technical Barriers to Trade and therefore promote Intra African and International Trade as well as enhance the industrialization of Africa. ARSO is headquartered in Kenya

The event’s theme is “Enhancing a culture of quality in the society".

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21st - 24th March


M- Hotel Kigali, Rwanda