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Africa Leadership Impact Forum

Modelled on the Resnick Aspen Action Forum but designed specifically for the African context, the ALI Africa Impact Forum was initiated by the leadership of the Africa Leadership Initiative. This event brings together Fellows from ALI South Africa, ALI West Africa, ALI East Africa, ALI Mozambique, ALI Media, and the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI).

The ALI Africa Impact Forum aims to provide these Fellows with a platform to deeply connect and engage on matters of significance to the whole continent. In so doing, deepening the pool of influential, effective and ethical leaders across Africa who assume personal and collective accountability for the “Good Society”.

This event will offer participants a chance to retreat from their busy schedules and refresh their perspectives on their work and lives as well as make a meaningful contribution to building a better African society. Participants will be inspired by the Impact Forum’s seminars, workshops and topical dialogues to detail specific ways they can individually and collectively create positive change in their communities.

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4th - 7th May


Kigali Marriot Hotel