Africa Sovereign Investors Forum (ASIF) 2023 ANNUAL MEETING

The Africa Sovereign Investors Forum is holding its 2nd Annual Meeting in 2023. The Annual Meeting is the opportunity for ASIF’s members to gather, hold ASIF’s Council Meeting (AGM) to discuss the initiative’s strategic orientations as well as exchange with external stakeholders on common interest thematics.

Under the theme “Strategic Partnerships: Driving Africa’s Resilience And Sustainable Development”, 2023 Annual Meeting is organised by Rwanda’s Agaciro Development Fund at Kigali Marriott Hotel.

The event will highlight the investment opportunities and challenges in Africa and the importance of collaboration among local stakeholders to, among others, deliver on the SDGs. It will look into practical measures to mobilize private capital and institutional investment and maximize its contribution to sustainable and inclusive development on the continent. The event will mark Agaciro’s 10 years of establishment and will also be the opportunity to showcase the host’s main achievements over the period.
It will witness the participation of high-level representatives of Rwanda’s institutions, global and African sovereign wealth funds as well as international and regional investors and finance stakeholders.

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6th - 7th July


Kigali Marriott Hotel