Biennial IBA African Regional Forum Conference

The foremost organisation for international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies.
Established in 1947, shortly after the creation of the United Nations, the IBA was born out of the conviction that an organisation made up of the world’s bar associations could contribute to global stability and peace through the administration of justice.
In the ensuing 75 years since its creation, the organisation has evolved, from an association comprised exclusively of bar associations and law societies, to one that incorporates individual international lawyers and entire law firms. The present membership is comprised of more than 80,000 individual international lawyers from most of the world?s leading law firms and some 190 bar associations and law societies spanning more than 170 countries.

Topics will include:

  • Regional integration: prospects for the successful implementation of AfCFTA
  • Technological disruption in the African legal sector
  • The ESG agenda in Africa: from people, businesses and legal perspectives
  • Opportunities and challenges for regulating new tech players in African services sectors
  • Mapping international arbitration in Africa: what has changed in the last decade?
  • Data protection and privacy: the art of risk-management
  • Is the future of international criminal law domestic?
  • Training the future lawyer: is current legal education fit for 21st century purpose?
  • Making a success of the post-pandemic law firm
  • The evolution of Force Majeure clauses in commercial contracts to address emerging global treats

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13th - 15th Sept


Kigali Convention Centre