The Intare Conference Arena is a fully integrated and secure complex with state of the art facilities for all kinds of events– whether in tens of thousands. With its large meeting rooms, exhibition space, advanced audiovisual equipment, translation
suites, printing facilities, high-speed 4G wireless internet connections and catering services, the Intare Conference Arena is the ideal venue. We specialize in large, small, and medium-sized gatherings, catering to guests who want a professional, quietly sophisticated setting without the distractions of a busy/noisy urban center. Completed in 2017, our facility is spacious Intare Conference Arena and flexible, and it includes the latest amenities and technologies desired by business and social event

CONFERENCE ROOMS: Smaller meetings are equally well serviced in eight conference rooms, with a seating capacity ranging from 33 up to 133 persons. Elegantly designed, the décor and facilities of the conference rooms match those of the auditorium in quality and prestige. Technical facilities are also of the highest standard and perfectly suited to all requirements of the smaller meeting. Each conference room has a service foyer for refreshments or cocktails.

SUPPORT FACILITIES: Complementing the conference venues are full support areas, including caucus and briefing rooms, chairperson suites with executive offices and meeting rooms, business, press, and service centers, lounges, reception areas, and an exhibition concourse. For the convenience of delegates, reception areas and lounges are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet connection. All areas are online through a multichannel video monitoring security system. Everything about this Center is tasteful and designed to anticipate the needs of our guests. From
the simple elegance of our reception area to the spacious gallery to the expansive auditorium, space is welcoming but never overwhelming. Our meeting technology is state-of-the-art with technical onsite staff to ensure everything is working properly. We also have an in-house café/caterer as well as setups for buffets and banquets. But the little things are what makes it special: Internet access for between meeting breaks; spacious modern rest areas; and professional, friendly staff

Intare Conference Arena
KN 4 Ave, Kigali, RW