International Conference on Business Models in Agriculture

Reorganizing the Agro-Sector: from import to export-oriented agro-sector and from agriculture to Agro-industry

The IBMA was created to enable an open discussion and sharing of ideas. This, in the spirit of an open lab and disruptive business models that will allow rapid significant changes that non-developed economies desperately need.

This conference is in honour of the late Prof. Clayton Christenson, who showed how the use of disruptive innovative models could accelerate economic development in any industry including the agro-industry.

IBMA 2023 will bring together 500 participants including national delegations and key stakeholders from around the globe. These include leading government officials, business and agricultural academic experts, leading Agritech companies, researchers, innovators, NGOs, farmers and farmer’s leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and startups, etc.

IBMA 2023 has insightful presentations and discussions from leading industry experts, and other exciting activities lined up for you.

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27th - 29th March


Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali, Rwanda