International Network for Governmental Science Advice - INGSA 2024

The International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA) is the world’s largest
community of practice dedicated to enhancing the interfaces between knowledge producers and
holders, public policy makers, and societies.
As a global network of over 5500 members in 140 countries, INGSA partners with some of the
world’s foremost experts and practitioners at the evidence-to-policy interface. These include
science advisors and advisory mechanisms at all levels of government.
Since its establishment in 2014, INGSA’s global conferences have led the way on the development
and evolution of the study and practice of evidence informed policymaking and science advice to

INGSA2024: The Transformation Imperative will focus on new and evolving theories and practices of
inclusion and diversity in science advice to governments. What does a more connected and inclusive
science advice look like in its development, its goals, and its reception?

The conference will feature strong leadership from INGSA’s established Regional Chapters in Africa,
Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean, updates on new Chapters in North America and Europe,
and highlight the establishment of the first linguistic division for INGSA, the Réseau francophone
international en conseil scientifique (International francophone network for science advice).
In doing so, INGSA2024 will highlight the issues of:

  • linguistic, cultural, and jurisdictional context,
  • intergenerational equity,
  • collective action on global challenges, and
  • increasingly pluralistic methods and roles that the sciences (across all disciplines) and societies play in decision-making.

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1st - 2nd May


Kigali Convention Centre