COVID-19: Rwanda's preparedness and response

Kigali Convention Centre, officially launched in July 2016, is earmarked to become the leading conference venue in the region. KCC is a landmark on the city landscape, with its dome-shape exterior, akin to a traditional Rwandan king’s palace. Modelled after a symbol of ancient Rwandan culture transposed into a striking modern architecture of the future, KCC is reflective of a nation on the rise. KCC’s main building, comprising the dome and a number of venues of various sizes provides a multifunctional hall suitable for events of all types and sizes, whether you plan to host a small conference of
100 guests or a seated concert with 2,600 guests. The space has equal potential as a market, festival, and meeting and dining place for the city’s residents and visitors. The translucent dome’s impressive illuminations work is reflected from the exterior of the complex, wowing the whole city with its remarkable light show.

T. (+250) 252 252 252 / 252 253 253A.
KG2 Roundabout, Kimihurura Kigali- Rwanda