2024 Legends in Rwanda_ National Edition Kickoff

From October 2022 to 2023, Legends in Rwanda will embark on a world tour with the following objectives:

Promote the 2024 Veteran World Cup Championship (VCWC) to ensure a global audience.
Mobilize the Rwandan and African diaspora to be part of the celebration.
Promote the Visit Rwanda campaign.
Recruit business, institutional, operational and media partners

In May 2024, Football legends and veterans from around the world will be in Rwanda for Veteran Clubs World Championship (VCWC 2024). This event will involve two main activities:

Share the passion of the game.

  • 8 Teams
  • +150 Football Veterans
  • +40 Nationalities
  • +20 Games

Contribute to sustainable development.

  • Peace Forum
  • Education Forum
  • Technology Forum
  • Investment Forum
  • Tourism Forum

For more information, visit the event website below


12th - 14th October


Kigali Marriott Hotel