Multilateral Initiative on Malaria Conference 2024

The Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) has existed since 1997 as an alliance of international organizations and individuals with overarching goal to strengthen and sustain collaboration through research and training and raising the capability of malaria endemic countries in Africa to carry out research required to develop and improve tools for malaria control.

It also organizes conferences that build on the momentum and awareness generated by previous meetings, to promote global collaboration in research to fight malaria in Africa and in this way ensure the availability of a critical mass of competent malaria researchers and control managers needed for effective and sustained containment of the disease in Africa.

The past meetings have been held in Dakar, Senegal (1997); Durban SA (1999); Arusha, Tanzania (2002); Yaounde, Cameroon (2005), Nairobi Kenya (2009); Durban, SA (2014); Dakar, Senegal, (2018) and the planning pre-covid had scheduled one for Kigali Rwanda in 2021.

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21st - 27th Apr


Kigali Convention Centre