World Federation of Engineering Organisation Executive Council Meeting - Global Engineer Congress

The conference aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among engineers and engineering organisations worldwide, address global challenges through engineering solutions, with a focus on sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity, display research, technologies, and projects in various engineering disciplines, foster networking opportunities for professionals, policymakers, and industry leaders to promote partnerships and collaboration.

WFEO is the internationally recognized and chosen leader of the engineering profession and cooperates with national and other international professional institutions in being the lead profession in developing and applying engineering to constructively resolve international and national issues for the benefit of humanity.

WFEO encourages all of its national and international members to contribute to global efforts to establish a sustainable, equitable and peaceful world by providing an international perspective and enabling mechanisms:

  • To provide information and leadership to the engineering profession on issues of concern to the public or the profession.
  • To serve society and to be recognized, by national and international organizations and the public, as a respected and valuable source of advice and guidance on the policies, interests and concerns that relate engineering and technology to the human and natural environment.
  • To make information on engineering available to the countries of the world and to facilitate communication between its member nations.
  • To foster peace, socioeconomic security and sustainable development among all countries of the world, through the proper application of technology.
  • To facilitate relationships between governments, business and people by adding an engineering dimension to discussions on policies and investment.

The conference will be attended by engineers and engineering professionals from diverse disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental, telecommunication among others.

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14th - 18th Oct


Kigali Convention Centre